Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I work part-time in my brother's tattoo parlour. Yesterday one of his regulars came in. Big woman, blonde, about 40; she wanted a rose tattoo on her shoulder. Whilst waiting to talk to my bro, she showed me her 'gallery'. She has her daughter's name on one shoulder beneath a butterfly, a tiger on her left upper arm and her ex-husband's name on her bum. On her belly she had some kind of fish, so I said, 'that's a great looking whale.' She looked at me sadly and replied, 'I know . . . but it started out as dolphin.'

I have a lot to learn.

My boyfriend dumped me. He said he didn't like me writing about him in my blog. We had a big row. We've been together nearly two years - on and off. His name is Stuart. We've been rowing a lot lately. I could see it coming.

As I said, we just don't connect any more.

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