Thursday, 5 June 2008

Sex and the City and a daft joke

My posh friend Polly came round to cheer me up last night. With her she brought a vat of wine and a bag full of 'Sex and the City' DVDs. We're planning on dressing up Carrie style to see the film on Friday. After the whole of series II and a bottle of white I still hadn't raised much of a smile. Then she told me a really daft joke:-

How did the firefly burn himself to death?

Trying to shag a lit cigarette.

Stunning what a vat of wine can do to your sense of humour. She came out with a stream of silly jokes, before collapsing on the bathroom floor muttering that life is a bit like being a pubic hair on the side of a toilet bowl. Eventually you will get pissed off.

How are you feeling this morning Polly?!

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