Monday, 30 June 2008

Still Very Busy . . . BUT . . .

'Make the World adjust to you.' Reads the tagline on the new Vauxhall Meriva/Zafira ads . . . Well, Yep, drivers of these sort of vehicles do exactly that. They make the World adjust to them, meaning they drive the rest of us off the road onto the pavement, into lamp posts and down into ditches. They have no regard for other road users whatsoever and this stupid advertisement is only encouraging them to continue in the same selfish inconsiderate way. What a stupid advert.
I don't usually rant. But AAARGGGHHH!
I'm stressed. I am very busy. I only have a small car. It has lots of dents . . .
Whilst I'm banging on about adverts, before I get on with some real work, I like the 'Echo Falls' wine advert, only because it it uses the music "Moments in Love" by The Art of Noise. I had the album, "Who's Afraid of The Art of Noise". Thing is I swear this piece of music was also used in a black and white Brylcreem advert, several centuries ago . . . it was on a beach . . with rocks . . . and sand . . . WORK.

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