Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Very Busy!

Not much time to post on the blog this week, but many thanks to friends who suggested I use Tarot Cards and not a crystal ball for my fortune telling . . . so I now have to learn to read the cards . . . nothing difficult then, but Gold and Fish are saved!!! The big fortune telling event is on the 12th July . . . not telling you where though . . . I will be wearing a big red wig, Jackie O shades, hooped earrings and my gypsy shawl. I will be unrecognisable . . . Must dash . . .


Patsy said...

Oh dear Scarbie... really?? That'll teach you for being so blazé about where and for whom you drop your panties!
I'm sure it won't be as bad as our Essex cock-up... P x

scarlet-blue said...

. . . What happened in Essex? . . . Thought it was all good?