Friday, 18 July 2008

And . . .

Today's Independent asks: 'Is Google making us stupid? - As we surf, search and skim across the great databases of the internet, are we eroding our ability to concentrate and read deeply? In a polemic that has ignited fierce debate across the blogosphere, Nicholas Carr argues that the web is rewiring our neural circuitry - and not for the better.'

Think I'd better go and read this article then. From my own experience, I think the internet has made me more stupid. I'm very good at skim reading and pulling out relevant information, but I do worry about the time I spend reading junk . . . I worry about the time I spend writing junk . . . I suppose blogs are like fast food, they're instant fixes, but they're not wholesome or nourishing, not in the way that a good book is.

I only write short posts because I know that blog readers don't really concentrate.

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