Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Fortune Told

Well, that was an interesting weekend. I did my bit as 'Madam Ga-Ga' at Aunt Avril's village fete. Weather was a bit dull but it was still a large turn out . . . I did a roaring trade. I did specify that I knew bugger all about reading the Tarot cards; it was all for fun and entertainment, but my customers insisted on applying my readings to some very personal stories. I was quite touched that they were able to tell me their problems . . . and they wanted me to tell them what to do . . . I felt such a fraud . . . I had emphasised that I wasn't genuine. That's the cards though. They're designed in such a way that they're guarrenteed to fit with some burning life issue. They're clever like that. Most of my friends, I think, would fall about laughing at the idea of me giving advice about love, luck, money and work . . . considering my track record . . . but I guess I must be good at bullshit?!

Towards the end of the day it became more light hearted and I had a tent full of schoolboys. I wonder why?

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