Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Warning: Flesh Eating House Flies

My mum recently complained of being bitten by a house fly. She's getting on a bit now so I didn't take much notice. I mean, house flies don't bite, do they? Well yes, the new improved house fly does bite. I got bitten on Saturday. It felt like a pin prick, barely perceptable, but it made me look down and I caught sight of a fly taking a lump out of my leg. They didn't used to bite, did they? When did they develop teeth and a liking for living flesh? Anyhow, I'd just seen 'Cloverfield' on DVD and I wondered if government scientists had failed miserably in their attempts to produce a mutant monster weapon of mass destruction, capable of ripping the seams out of cities, and had instead only managed to genetically alter a house fly into giving you a bit of a nip . . .

Well it's possible . . . probably cost millions . . . if anybody has had a strange experience with a house fly, then please let me know.

By the way: 'Cloverfield' - All style over substance.

I've got to practise the Tarot cards for Saturday. Will tell all on Monday.

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