Thursday, 21 August 2008

Coke/Oasis: Addendum

I was thinking of a new ad campaign for Oasis . . . something irreverent that would appeal to its demographic . . . how about a thumping close up of the product with the unforgettable tagline: 'Oasis - Fruit Flavoured Water - Fucking Buy it.' Well it would save all the fuss of a storyboard and some poor chap being humiliated by having to dress up as a potted plant . . . after all . . . advertisers want one thing . . . they want people to buy their stuff.


gilbert the alien said...

How about...Oasis, it makes you drunk.

dannyboy said...

'Oasis - Fruit Flavoured Water - Fucking Buy it.'
If they actualy had the balls to made an ad with this as the strap line I'd deffentaly go buy a bottle.

scarlet-blue said...

Yep - saying 'Oasis - it makes you drunk' - would be exeedingly cunning . . . and hello Dannyboy, I really like your site because it has so much useful information. Yeah, I'd buy 'Oasis' if it had my strapline as well . . . and to date I've never even tasted it.


dannyboy said...

Aww ta!