Wednesday, 20 August 2008


I like the new series of 'blink and you'll miss 'em' Coca-Cola ads. The first few I saw were almost subliminal . . . barely much more than the effervescent fizz-fizz fizzle of coke being poured over chinking cubes of ice. The plain white background gives these ads a picture poster effect and doesn't detract from the product. Very clean. These are clever ads dependent on a well established brand identity. Contrast these Coke ads with the new ad for soft drink 'Oasis' - 'For people who don't like water'. A catchy tagline if ever I heard one. I loathe this advert. It features a character called 'The Cactus Kid' who, I guess, doesn't drink water . . . . but cacti do drink water, they're renowned for conserving it. I suppose some creative marketing bod thought, 'Oasis = Desert = Cactus', and in a nano-second 'The Cactus Kid' became a disturbing reality. The Cactus Kid is horrible, he reminds me of a character from 'The Twilight Zone' . . . or was it 'Creepshow'? . . . Where the guy picks up meteor rocks which in turn infected him with a space virus, and made grass grow all over his skin . . . Eeurgh . . .
Apparently "Oasis is being transformed from a product to a brand with an irreverent and engaging personality via a powerful core creative idea." So says Kate Bourne of Coca-Cola Enterprises Limited . . . . how can they get one ad so right and the other so mind numbingly wrong? Well, Oasis isn't aimed at me, is it? But, if The Cactus Kid is a good example of a 'powerful core creative idea', then I'm a 16 year old cheerleader from Amsterdam with tulips sticking out me arse.

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