Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Prisoner's Dilemma

Sarah and Lisa played out a version of 'The Prisoner's Dilemma' on last night's Big Brother and decided to trust each other. Good for them! The theory goes that it's rational to betray - being that self interest is rational. If they'd both decided to take the money they would have ended up with nothing. Well, they chose to share and now both walk out of the house £25k better off. It's a good job that we women are irrational. It might have been interesting to see the game played out between Rex and Lisa . . . would he have tried to take the whole £50k?
I can't say that I've really warmed to this year's bunch of housemates. And the continual bullying of Sarah over the last week by both Darnell and Rex has made unpleasant viewing. I'm glad she got the dosh. There is still no obvious winner, but I guess it's between Lisa, Mikey and Rachel . . . as somebody said weeks and weeks ago when all this nonsense started, 'the blind bloke will win it . . . those are the rules.'


gilbert the alien said...
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gilbert the alien said...

Big Brother? Most of those on here won't know what you're on about, being as they're posh gits with degrees etc. and they don't watch telly as they think it's the Devil's work.

For the record, I think Mikey should be left in the house when it's all over with a recording of the housemate's voices. He won't know any different will he? And we can be entertained all year as he bumps into the furniture and curses like a miserable Scot, which of course he is.

scarlet-blue said...

Now that is a bloody good idea! Just don't let him eat any more peanut butter or brussel sprouts . . . or maybe leave Mo in there with him so that he can eat everything that Mikey spits out?