Sunday, 19 July 2009

Cornish Coastal

It now all feels like a distant memory. Anyhow, I travelled down to Cornwall without making any unnecessary detours into Wales [though Wales is nice]. For a week I ate Fish 'n Chips, ice cream and Cornish pasties. But I got lots of exercise so this wasn't a problem... other than I got chip fat on my camera lens. I also got burnt. The weather can be unpredictably warm. I stayed in Carbis Bay/St Ives. I want to go back....
[And yes, I have been mugged by a flock of seagulls - one will knock the food out of your hands and before you know it you're re-enacting a scene from The Birds].


Dave said...

Looks just like Norfolk.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Love that top pic.

Now you've got the chip fat on the lens you're all set to become the new David Hamilton (are you old enough to remember Bilitis ?)

:: Wendy :: said...

I love the way the chip fat gives a soft-focus to the left hand side of your photographs.

Looks gorgeous.

xl said...

What a beautiful area. I especially like the third shot.

Ouch! Hope the sunburn is better.

fairyhedgehog said...

Those are wonderful photos! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

Mr London Street said...

Just think how weird it would have been if you'd been mugged by A Flock Of Seagulls.

Kerrie said...

Great photos it looks lovely. ( you could have got away with the chip fat being artitistic interpretation if you hadn't gone and told us all ).
I have never been to Cornwall.
I always get the post holiday blues, do you?
When you get back to work it's like you have never been away.

Morton Shadow said...

If you liked Stives Scarlet, you'd love Padstow. (If you can get past the looming legend of Rick 'Ricky' Stein, obviously)

A beautiful little working harbour, tons of chish 'n' fips emporia and some lovely pubs - one of which even sells the locally brewed (in Rock) Doom Bar. Your photos reminded me of the stunning views available along either bank of the Camel Estuary coastal walks. And if you're feeling particularly morbid, you can visit John Betjeman's grave in the churchyard at St Enedoc's (it's tucked behind a bunker between the 13th and 14th greens of the local golf course...)

Well worth at least a day trip next time you're out that way


Madame DeFarge said...

Yes, the chip fat does add a Nanette Newman quality to proceedings. Those seagulls must actually be about 60 years old.

Looks lovely. Envious. Derbyshire and London both wet and gray.

PI said...

You make Cornwall look very inviting and it is. I've had lovely hols in St Ives. However Cornwall - inland - is not so great compared with Devon.

Not trying to influence you or anything:)

Jimmy Bastard said...

St Ives is our favourite part of Cornwall,there is nothing there that we do not like, apart from the chav seagulls of course.

Did you visit the art gallery in the bay while you was there?

Frobisher said...

I like Cornwall, although its pretty grim in the winter

Eryl Shields said...

I love St. Ives and want to go back too, desperately, but it's such a trek. Did you visit Barbara Hepworth's studio, I've been fantasizing about having a door full of paint splattered shirts hanging from pegs ever since? And that huge chunk of brown sugar coloured crystal!

Chairman Bill said...

We always stay in St Ives when I go to see my young boys. Stating to venture further inland though, as St Ives can be a zoo at times.

KAZ said...

What sort of exercise?
Was it rampant?

Geoff said...

I like The Lizard meself. Too many people in St Ives for my delicate constitution.

As I'm half Cornish I will fight till I'm half dead for independence for Cornwall. The other half of me couldn't give a toss.

BEAST said...

I imagine you poking about in rock pools , beachcoming by day and beating off a frenzied flock of seagulls with your battered saveloy as the sun sinks slowly into the sea . It sounds idyllic :-)

TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday. Good thing it was warm and nice for your stay. Lovely photos. A couple of them look like a beach town on the California coast. The seagulls can be aggressive beggars, huh.

Rog said...

Pic 4 looks like the lovely Kynance Kove. Who'd want to go to the Seychelles?

eroswings said...

Such lovely fotos! You've a great artistic eye! It's like I'm there, enjoying the sun, surf, and breeze! I'd imagine if the seagulls attacked, I've just ran, ran so far away! I like the landscape pics that seem so exotic and inviting! The sea boats look very retro, like a happy, distant memory.

Cornwall is on my list of places to see if I ever visit the UK--definitely want to see St Michael's Mount. I've friends who surfed there and recommend Porthtowan and Newquay. I'd also like to try those Cornish pasties and enjoy the beach! You're so lucky to have visited such a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing the fotos!

jekandhyd said...

Scarlet, you may deny it, but your travels give you away. Once a year I play in a folk festival in Cornwall and you are clearly casing the joint for your audition. I'm sorry I misinterpreted your comment about nude sax playing, but can I ask you to give it some thought. It would be a remarkable selling point for our band. I'm thinking more folk-garage-ska-punk-rap-country-indie-emo-classical now. How big is your repertoire? BTW, I think this is the same seagull I photographed on my recent visit to Cornwall. How spooky is that!

Scarlet-Blue said...

Dave: Hmmmm...?

Lulu: I am far too young! But I've started smearing chip fat on all my mirrors... At least I can continue my self delusion!

Wendy: Indeed! We all look gorgeous under a film of chip fat.

Mr XL: It is a lovely part of the country. I have applied vinegar to the sunburn. I am now edible.

Fairyhedgehog: I had a wonderful time and was very lucky with the weather.

Mr Streets: If I had a photograph of you...?
I would have messed their hair up.

Kerrie: It's a shock to wake up in your own bed after being away, and it feels like a dream. I'm determined to go back soon, so I'm not so blue... more resolved.

Mr Morton: Hello and Welcome!
I shall put John Betjeman's grave in the churchyard at St Enedoc's on my list of places to visit next time I'm there.
I also like Mousehole and Mullion.

Madame D: Grey and wet everywhere now... let's smear chip fat over the windows and blur it all out.

Pat: No worries! Devon is still on my list!

Mr Jimmy: I was going to visit The Tate whilst I was there.. but I kept missing the opening times! I did visit plenty of local galleries - very inspiring.

Mr Frobi: I like a moody sea.. and moody skies. Not quite the same in Bexhill.

Eryl: I did visit the Babara Hepworth museum... and then I got concerned about the plants and now want a bed in my shed!

Mr Chairman: Yes, St Ives was starting to get packed. It's better to stay in Carbis Bay and get the train in... or walk!

Kaz: ;o)

Mr Beastie: That's exactly how it was! Admittedly the sea air did do something weird to my hair though - can't blame the chip fat for that...

Technobabe: Hello and Welcome! The seagulls are mean... but very clever... they wait until you're distracted and then dive... they're very good at human psychology!

Rog: Spot on! It is Kynance Cove... and so is the first. I didn't get to Marazion this year though.

Mr Swings: Bude and The Towans at Hayle are good for surfing. But Newquay has been taken over by teens. Sadly whilst I was there a drunken teen fell off the cliffs at Newquay and somebody drowned at Hayle - I saw the helicopter searching. The currents are very strong there... I just paddled a bit!


Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Jekand: I have an extensive repertoire! Anything from 'Oops I did it again' to 'Rhapsody in Blue'... I can play Mary Hopkins... so that covers folk music, doesn't it?
Probably best to wear clothes because brass is cold.

savannah said...

how lovely it all looks, sugar! *sigh* i need a holiday...

mapstew said...

Jealous pet.

Just effing jealous!

Looks fanfuckingly glorious!


Grump said...

For a moment there it looked like you had got down to Treen/Porthcurno. The photo of the sand and rocks in the background looks like Logan Rock. I used to live down that way.
Mark x

mago said...

In the first picture is that an "Isthmus"? Like the corinthian?

Gadjo Dilo said...

Looks idyllic, Scarley. My cousin once worked in a bookshop in Mousehole, until she found out the owner was a voracious Lesbian who wanted to seduce her - Cornwall's got it all!

Scarlet-Blue said...

Savvy: I need another holiday!

Mr Maps: I bet you have a wonderful coastline all of your own!

Mr Grump: Indeed! A couple of shots are from Porthcurno... great fun nipping from beach to beach before the tide comes in!

Mr Mags: No, it's a higgledy piggledy cove. But I have looked Isthmus up.... and there is one on Sark. Little Sark and Greater Sark are connected by an isthmus.
The Channel Islands are on my list of places to visit.

Gadj: Was it called The Mousehole, by any chance?


Leah said...

That is beautiful--so dramatic. And just by coincidence, I enacted a scene from The Birds yesterday in South Texas--but my scene involved a fresh tortilla and some grackles!

JennyMac said...

Absolutely lovely pics...

zIggI said...

looks wonderful, and like Kaz I'd like more details about the exercise taken :)

Lulu LaBonne said...

Just watched that lazy kids programme - I reckon it says more about the sort of people that want to be on 'reality' shows than anything else.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Lovely Scarlet - did you do Hepworth? Gorgeous garden x

Michelle said...

Oh that looks so lovely.

I want scenery, fish and chips and ice cream.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Leah: I really like watching birds, but it's not nice when they make off with you're dinner!

JennyMac: Hello and Welcome!
Thank you... I tend to click and go... and not notice the chip smears!

ZIggI: It's very hilly in St Ives!!

Lulu: I can't believe they eliminated the nicest kid! And the others are playing up for the cameras, I think. Dreadful stuff.

Kate: I did do the Hepworth museum... I thought the plants needed some TLC. I liked the bed in the shed. Very Emin!

Michelle: It's the best way to live. I could gaze out to sea for hours and not get bored.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Sp. *your, not you're! Apologies.

Kevin Musgrove said...

*sigh* it's been too long since I've been to Cornwall

I blame that Doctor Beeching.

Songwraith said...

Like the photos---! Thanks!

Chairman Bill said...

Stay in Carbis Bay? There's nowt there, except an overpriced hotel that hosts chav weddings and a bit of sand.

Sarah said...

Carbis Bay is where chris p lives:

were you on a blog meet?? he was only just saying he needs more friends!

Looks beautiful, hope you had some good weather, in my experience it rains alot in cornwall

Donn said...

I would very much enjoy seeing a photo of you in your Cornish Pasties :)

Gulls (Air Rats) are so bloody annoying and noisy and dirty and have a brain the size of a Pea...
that's prolly why humans and gulls flock together.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Kev: You can fly to Cornwall now. I'm going to do it just for fun!

Songwraith: Hello and Welcome!
That's okay.

Mr Chairman: Mr Grumpy!!

Sarah: I was lucky with the weather - chucked it down when I left. The weather is not so great in East Sussex either!

Mr Coppens: I got pastie everywhere.
I think some of the gulls are smarter than you think!


MJ said...

How can A Flock of Seagulls see through all that hair to mug you?

Crabbers said...

Ces fichues mouettes ! Elles mangent tout et n'importe quoi !
Vous ont-elles pris pour une gambas géante rôtie ?

These wretched gulls ! They eat everything and anything !
You did they take for a gigantic roasted gambas?

Mrs Pouncer said...

Appalling. One of the most yawnworthy things I've seen in ages. "Looks just like Norfolk" is the first comment in this thread: need I say more? Of course, here in the glorious Thames Valley we have breathtaking vistas aplenty, including most of Maidenhead and parts of Slough.

Dave said...

Looks just like Norfolk would be seen as a compliment in some quarters.

*Thinks long and hard for an example*


Scarlet-Blue said...

MJ: They thought I was a comfy nest.

CrabberS: Well! I've been called a few things in my time... but never a gamba.

So far I am a hairy gamba...

Mrs P: It's all handbags and gladrags in Slough... so I've heard...

Okay, so now I'm a yawnworthy, hairy gamba...

Dave: Not much of a defence! Not good at fielding then? You just want all the glamour of bowling... and cracking sweet bits on your bat.

I am a yawnworthy, hairy gamba who's not worth defending.... sob.....


Morton Shadow said...

"....until she found out the owner was a voracious Lesbian who wanted to seduce her "

I can think of no better inducement to keep working in a Cornish bookshop!!



wv: inklo (get a new cartridge then!!)

Dave said...

I was going to say something about sweet spots (not bits, by the way) but it kept coming out smutty. I knew you wouldn't want that.

So I'm not saying anything.

No Good Boyo said...

Wales thanks you, Scarlet.

The Boyos had rural fun in Lamorna last year. There are still bitemarks on the trees.

CyberPete said...

That settles it. I'll never go to Cornwall.

Those gulls look sinister and down right scary.

Then again all birds freak me out but the large ones scare the youknowwhat out of me.

The movie The Birds is awesome.

Morton Shadow said...

"Then again all birds freak me out but the large ones scare the youknowwhat out of me."

Yep, know the feeling Pete - especially when they say they'll take you for a slow dance if you buy them a babycham and a packet of pork scrathings....stick to the skinny ones, I say...



wv: harpe (don't mix it with babycham though...)

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Morton: Has a lesbian ever tried to seduce you?? Hmmmm???

Dave: Sweetmeats always puzzle me.

Mr Boyo: Oh my goodness! Mr Boyo! Crikey, my place is a mess *blushes and runs around trying to clean up sloppy comments*

Pete: Yes... as Mr Morton said... stick to the skinny ones...

Mr Morton: I don't think Pete is interested in any type of bird!