Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Noughties

I have never really got used to calling this decade 'The Noughties', and it's nearly over. Is the next decade going to be called 'The Teenies'? And if [fashion wise] the noughties was about revisiting the eighties... are we now set to revisit the nineties... and in twenty years time will the eighties be back again? Is there ever going to be anything new or will we forever regurgitate old trends?
And finally, will trends change so fast that there are no trends?
I am feeling deep and philosophical.

In the eighties we were loved up with the sixties... and the seventies were thought of as the decade that taste forgot.... how times change.... or don't?!


Morton Shadow said...

Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet..[...dons father's raffish old gabardine mac in the hope of looking like a member of The Lotus Eaters/A Gay Edwardian poet (delete as applicable...)...sighs...]

The 80s was a decade of dire awfulness redeemed only by the existence of the Smiths.

That said, the 90s and 00s have been even worse - in fact, the 00s have been so bad that Tim Footman has written a book about them; file both decades with Blink 182, Radiohead and Aaliyah if you ask me...

writtenwyrdd said...

I never heard the term 'noughties' here in the US. I like it, because it's a struggle to find something to describe this decade.

What's laughable is how so much of the 70s is coming back in clothing and design styles lately. Horrors! Will we be seeing orange shag carpet again??? (And I have to say, in my little dose of Small Town America, I actually saw several houses which still have 70s orange shag carpet intalled! 30-something year old carpet is bad enough; but coupled with orange shag....*shudder*)

xl said...

I tend to think of the decades in terms of music.

Currently, I can tune into any of several stations playing 1960s music. It is great stuff that has stood the test of time. As a point of reference that would have been like us in the 1960s listening to 1920s music!

In retrospect, the 1980s did have some pretty good music as well.

Rog said...

Will people who slag off the Teenies become known as Teeny Boppers?

BEAST said...

I am completely confused now .
Should I just go for timeless inelegance and be done with the whole thing
***adjusts farrah slimfit slacks and stomps off***

PI said...

Noughties didn't cut it with me but then I'm hopelessly enshrined in the fifties and frankly my dear I don't give a damn!

Lulu LaBonne said...

Love that tune - it set me fondly remembering the years of my own tastelesssness and general stupidity

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Morton: What have you done to you avatar?
Well, you will be alright, you have a gabardine mac, which never goes out of style.
See, this is what worries me, what was going on in the nineties? It started with grunge... then I think it went minimal - cream linen everywhere... and then what?
I forget the music... oh, sorry... Britpop. Blur and Oasis, Travis etc. But that was all a rehash of Status Quo.

Writtenwyrd: How do they refer to this decade in the US? I think it's going to be confusing when we do the twenties again... especially if we're spiritually doing the eighties.
Yep! Shag pile is in. Laminate is out. Bold wall paper patterns - alas - also back.

Mr XL: Same here. My reference points are also music and fashion... and then I can hopefully remember the other bits.
I'd quite like to do the twenties flapper look.

Rog: I think the teenies will be stroppy.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Beastie: Hemlines have been up and down so much that it'd be much easy to wear a spandex catsuit and have done with it.

Pat: Quite right Pat.
Oh I can't think about this now! I'll go crazy if I do! I'll think about it tomorrow.

Lulu: I doubt you were ever tasteless. In my minds eye I have you done as a woman who is effortlessly stylish. Now did you ever wear curtain tassles as earrings? I rest my case.


Chic Mama said...

LOL- I think I must have been asleep for the past nine years, I didn't know we were in the noughties. Ooops.

Eryl Shields said...

Oh my god, I so want some orange shag pile! I love the seventies: Halston, Ossie Clark, Studio 54. Alas, I was too young for the full experience.

I enjoyed the nineties too: Nirvana, the Japanese deconstructionists (Rae Kuwakabo, for example) and later the Belgian ones, Anne Demeulemeester springs to mind. Plus the return of the Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress (or was that this decade?)

According to Vogue we are, and have been for a while, experiencing 'micro trends', I think I'll just stay away from the shops until things settle down.

xl said...

I like to call this decade the Oh-Ohs!

Dave said...

I've been feeling deep today.

tony said...

You Might Be Feeling deep and philosophical.I,m feeling around in my bottom drawer for my old Tank-Tops & Bell-Bottom Trousers...........!

Anonymous said...

It's a giant recycling machine. All "Musterb├╝cher" of designers are filled with historical illustrations. And there are no new forms, new combinations only. Every "generation" - an unfocused "Begriff" - has to find a position of its own, seemingly new, discovers things of life for itself stomping new grounds and stands in awe when discovering that the forfathers already have been there, hence the reference as cultural standard means of expression. And the aforementioned "micro-trends" (Mrs. Shields referring to Vogue) are becoming more hectic and hectic. Don't know what that says about the selfunderstanding of the actual "decade".
I prefer Jugenstil and arts and crafts, Jazz and Klassik.

eroswings said...

I've never really given much thought as to what to call this decade, other than calling it the new millennium.

I tend to divide time periods according to world events (Berlin wall comes down, Fall of Communism).

Music wise, the 90s to me were all about the explosion of house and dance music (Madonna, C+C Music Factory), the rise of hip hop (Salt N Pepa, LL Cool J, TLC), and the return of the boy bands.

The new millennium started out with the rebirth of new wave, the proliferation of rap, and the next generation of synthpop, and the reinvention of electropop rock. Music is ever evolving.

And like good music, some things never go out of style. I stick to the basics when it comes to fashion. Jeans and cotton T shirts are classics.

TechnoBabe said...

We see fashions and trends return and the younger people thinking how cool the "new" stuff is. I don't think I would like to see green shag carpet or avocado green appliances again but if they pop up again what the heck. It doesn't mean I have to have it in my house. I always liked "peddle pushers" and a young girl at work said she liked my "capris" the other day when I wore my "peddle pushers". Ah, youth.

KAZ said...

Even though we do revisit fashion - it's never quite the same. It's all post modern innit?
If I'd saved my eighties and seventies stuff it would still look retro - rather than fashionable.

Betty said...

I'm looking forward to The Roaring Twenties, so that I can be the oldest flapper girl in town.

Whirlochre said...

It's only the TV ad for that tiresome Best of Ska album that's keeping me sane.

As long as Ska is perpetually 'coming back', I don't even care if Bros reform and release a 274 minute CD of themselves slicking each other's hair back with a blend of miscellaneous Goss discharge.

That said, I wouldn't mind a proper 70s revival. Or La Roux hung from a tree.

Kevin Musgrove said...

"I think it's going to be confusing when we do the twenties again... "


Some of us never left.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Chic Mama: Is it only this side of the pond that are calling it the noughties... or did I dream it up?

Eryl: Micro trends are probably like mini breaks... so there's nothing dominating or defining. I think we're going to see more micro trends. More variety I suppose.

Mr XL: Or the OOPs years. I don't know why I said that.

Dave: Deep in your what?

Tony: Mt old tank top has been nibbled by moths.

Mr Mags: It's the plasticine effect isn't it? We start of with all these strips of lovely bright colours to play with and then they all get mixed together to make brown.

Mr Swings: I wish I could remember through events, but I need the markers of fashion and music to pinpoint where I am.
I think it's fascinating how music and fashions evolve.
Yep, Levi's are a staple in my wardrobe.

Technobabe: I love peddle-pushers... technically I think Capris are longer and have a side zip. I like these too... Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and Funny Face.

Kaz: Yes, when fashion styles are revisited they're usually given a new twist, but I've seen some eighties outfits in magazines that look horrifyingly original. Scary. Very scary.
I would never do shoulder pads again.

Betty: I want to be a flapper! But I want to go the whole hog and have a country pile to go with the look.

Mr Whirly: I think votes are coming in for the twenties.
I'd like to do fifties as well... I like the music from then.

Kev: We're all trying to catch up with you.


Lulu LaBonne said...

I have worn many things as earrings, including curtain tassels - Bet Lynch was my style icon in the 80s (she had lavatories and chandeliers)

Kerrie said...

Fashions great, todays fashion is tomorrows hillarious photo album.
I do agree that things are recycled over and over but to the youngest generation they are brand new. The perm however is an example of something that should never be recylcled.
By the way the Colin has just seen your profile picture for the first time, as he is sat next to me on the sofa. I am going to have to throw cold water over him now!

KAZ said...

Yes it's spooky that we're both on about shoulder pads.
I bet that you will wear them again - I saw this wonderful dress in Wearhouse today.

Geoff said...

This is good from the 80s...


underOvr (aka The U) said...


For me I no longer look back to times and trends, where the repetition of one era bleeds into another. I only see what lies in front of me; for that, I'm glad.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Lulu: So did I! I had the little plastic loos. And when I was hitting the town the chandeliers would pop out of my jewellery box.

Kerrie: I was talked into a perm when I was growing my hair. I had it all cut off a week later. Cruel, so cruel.

Kaz: I promise, promise, promise, never to wear shoulder pads again. My shoulders are very narrow... and look what they do to Kate Moss!

Geoff: Thank you for the LINK.

Mr U: I bet you you an old favourite jumper tucked away somewhere...? A favourite pair of jeans....? Some sort of sentimental fabric...?


Clyde said...

Bugga, I got it wrong again
I thought it was the NAUGHTIES.
No wonder I'm out of step---but it's been enjoyable, so baybe I'll just keep going with that.
Geez and going into the teen---I had fun in my teens.
All sounds good to me

Liam said...

Well I guess life is a circle.

I think that rather than looking for something new it would be better to enjoy what you have. I have not mastered it yet but I am trying.

MJ said...

Only one of Beast's legs will fit into the farrah slimfit slacks.

Did I just hear a seam rip?

BEAST said...

A seam rip indeed!
Miss MJ obviously just let one rip and is trying to blame it on my trousers

Dave said...

It wasn't my what.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Yep, can't help agreeing with Mr Morton Shadow - I turned my radio dial irrevocably to Radio 4 when The Smiths broke up (or was it when The Jam turned into The Style Council?)

Kevin Musgrove said...

"And when I was hitting the town the chandeliers would pop out of my jewellery box."

Some people should never wear boob tubes.

Roses said...

I'm afraid if anyone had to 'style' me, they'd be in hysterics. I go for comfort over style every time.

I worship at M&S. I like soft fabrics that do not require an iron. Crinkle anything is always a bonus. Therefore, my usual fare is jeans, t-shirts and something sparkly.

Though there are somethings that never gain entrance to my house - white stilletos, strapless anything, stripey anything, animal print anything.

Music I always think of the 60s in terms of Beatles/Rolling Stones, 70s as Earth Wind and Fire, 80s as anything electronic, 90s as indie and the noughties as retro.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Clyde: Teens can be stroppy. It's going to be a decade of sulking over house prices and expensive food.

Liam: Indeed, life is a cycle.. and hopefully we will reach a time where anything goes... I know a song about that.

MJ: It's very sad because Mr Beastie's trousers were elasticated and they still ripped.

Mr Beastie: Cover yourself up! How many times do I have to tell you? I'm sure you buy trousers a size too small just so you can burst out of them.
You are such an exhibitionist.

Dave: What was?

Gadj: The Style Council were so pretentious. Good grief.
And The Smiths weren't the B all and end all of everything. There was still Cliff Richard.

Kev: This is when the tassel earrings would come in handy.

Roses: I confess, I've had animal print jeans... and animal print shoes - flats and heels.
And I did love my white stilletos!
I'm a bit more casual these days.


Dave said...

The what I was getting deep into - it wasn't mine.

rhinestonecatboy said...

I'd forgotten the Bee Gee who looks like the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz sung backing vocals on 'Chain Reaction.'

Not a patchy on his work on Babs Streisand's guilty though.

brown eyed girl said...

I must confess i still love low rise jeans, which are probably cringed at now as the high waisted look is about (not good if you have small hips like me though)
I think the catsuit comment was a winner, we should all be wearing spandex catsuits and say to hell with shoulder pads !

Madame DeFarge said...

I'm still drifting around in the 80s I think. Ghastly explosion of blue eyeshadow if I recall. Most inappropriate as an undergraduate.

jekandhyd said...

I'm afraid my serious formative years were the 70s and have just been presented with a video taken at my 21st party late in that decade. The music was fantastic - Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Crosby Stills & Nash. And as for fashion! Wide lapels, trousers tight in thigh & crotch but flaired at the calf, big hair, pedro moustache.

I have converted said video for Youtube. After crying with laughter during the first viewing, my children have disowned me and are threatening to leave home. Perfect result in my opinion

Emerson Marks said...

I agree, Scarlet. How will fashion get nostalgic about the last ten years? Three quarter length shorts? Crocs?

Sarah said...

I have always done my own thing.... an eclectic mix of goth meets new age fashion victim.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Dave: Probably best I don't ask any more questions, but have you been having trouble with your drains again?

Master Catboy: It's a Tragedy...

Miss Beg: Hello and Welcome! [beware of Dave, btw]. Yes, I am also still in low rise jeans... I have a short body so they tend to look better on me than high rise. I don't care - I don't want to look like Simon Cowell - I'm not wearing high rise ever again. But should we be in bootcut or skinny or boyfriends? It's a denim nightmare.

Madame D: Good to see you home!
Blue eye-shadow? Probably not as bad as my purple bruise effects.

Mr Marks: Precisely!! What are we going to take forward from this decade? It's a hotch-potch of the past already.

Sarah: I'm a bit like a prim and proper rock-chick! I'm not messy enough to do it properly.


Scarlet-Blue said...

MR JEKAND: Many apologies!
Where is the link to the youtube? I think we all need to viwe it immediately. Look I got overexcited and spelt 'view' wrong.

Donn said...

will trends change so fast that there are no trends?

The biggest problem/relief is that there are too many Chefs now. The Conglomerates would love to have your undivided attention but pffft!

The global village has Billions of potential trendsetters.

Mercifully we just rehash the same old crap so we will either retreat into cliques or become part of one giant oozing glob of greyish glop.

the projectivist said...

i like that title -
The Noughties.

sounds like The Naughties though, doesn't it? i keep waiting for the naughty stuff to start -
me in a naughty nurse outfit being chased by some chap with a stethoscope to the benny hill music.
that would be quite naughty.
i won't hold my breath though.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Coppens: Indeed, it's the squished up plasticine effect... everything becomes a brown blur or a lump of something unpleasant.

Miss Project: Same here! There's nothing much naughty about this decade.
It's been a bit drab and sinister.
Bring on Benny Hill!


writtenwyrdd said...

I don't think we have a name for it, which is a shame. It's confusing to name our decade without a term!

Sara Reid said...

I’m a sucker for any nostalgic kind of programme that deals with the past, and contextualises modern, cultural history. But I do think it rather missed the point, just like every other retrospective of this decade has. The Noughties have been characterised by a general sense of introspection and nostalgia, which makes reflective articles and programmes about the Noughties somewhat ironic. A true portrait of the Noughties would be about the gloomy mood of the Noughties itself.