Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tried and Tested

I have tried Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum. I keep thinking it's called Protect & Survive or Protect & Preserve or Protect & Pickle. Anyhow, I thought I ought to try it after a scientist person tested it on a BBC Horizon programme and said that it could reverse the effects of aging. Well, I'm usually an Estee Lauder girl, but I thought I'd cut costs and try the Boots range. Results: the serum made my skin greasy and all my make-up slid off. I also tried the No7 pore minimising serum. This is like putting masking fluid on your chin and if you rub it too hard you get little white bits all over your face. I never usually have to pay for this kind of experience.

And don't think that cos your a bloke that this post doesn't apply to you. I am looking for a chap to test this:-

Come on, you know you're worth it.

AND, as an afterthought, why is it that when women age their skin gets baggy and saggy; it wrinkles, goes blotchy and then finally dries up and falls off, whilst men, on the other hand, just get a bit tired?


Dave said...

My face grows more beautiful with every day. I need no products to achieve this look - just love.

savannah said...

sugar, i wouldn't buy boots #7 just BECAUSE of that ad! a bit harsh, i know, but damn...xoxox

(and yes, why is that men only look tired? huh? where's the damn justice?)

Ginro said...

Depends how much it costs.

Chairman Bill said...

Basically we age gracefully because we generally don't slap crap all over our faces.

PI said...

Scarlet: I don't think you are meant to put it under make up - just at bed-time. I use it sometimes on frown lines. Sparingly.
One thing I wouldn't be without is Soft and Soothed Gentle Cleanser.(Boots) And my favourite refresher is Skin Wisdom with green tea , witch hazel and Chamomile.
Skin Wisdom is associated with Bharti Vyas - an holistic therapist - you can get it in Tescos. I take skin care fairly seriously:)

Rog said...

I find it very easy to slip into Boots now.

I bought a shoe horn.

Lulu LaBonne said...

I'm a soap and water girl - anything with 'serum' in the title makes me think of evil scientists with big needles.

Men do get those huge red-veined noses and very unattractive bellies
(and some can get a bit boring)

Jimmy Bastard said...

Merciful heaven, I've put bathroom floor tiles down with a thinner concoction than your latest gloop.

No wonder I'm missing a trowel after your last visit.

TechnoBabe said...

We women get "old" while the men seem to get "distinguished". I think we need to change it to both sexes aging into "character".

Kevin Musgrove said...

There are parts of the male body that start baggy and saggy and wrinkled. With age the effect just migrates northwards.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Dave: Is this one of your guest bloggers commenting?

Savannah: I think I've only given you half the story with the Boots serum! You know what a lazy trollope I am! Anyhow, after the Horizon documentary aired, women all over the UK flocked to Boots and bought the serum. Boots ran out and the serum even started being sold on Ebay. The ad was based on this event.
I'm going to use this gloop on my neckline - which is my most sun damaged area. If I'd used sun screen to start with I wouldn't have this problem!

Ginro: I don't know! But come on... You are worth it!

Mr Chairman: *Sticks out tongue and waggles ears at Mr Chairman*

Pat: I know, I'm a sucker for promising gloop! My head is in the right place!
I will use my serum at night underneath all the other cream I slap on. I'm beginning to resemble a gateaux.

Rog: So I can't tempt you with L'Oreal for Men?
Foot cream then?

Lulu: Men also keep growing their ears. And nasel hair.
Soap, water and sun screen?

Mr Jimmy: The trowel is a fundamental part of my make up routine and I like my cosmetics to do exactly what it says on the tin.
I'm very good at paint effect - antiquing and distressing!


Geoff said...

I get my cosmetics in the pound shop.

Because I'm worth it.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Technobabe: I know. Somehow I don't think it's going to happen in my lifetime.

Kev: Yes, but you can get some pretty lingerie to sort that out.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Geoff: Tut. You'll be telling me next that you use Soda Crystals as a facial scrub.
You could at least nick Betty's.

Eternally Distracted said...

Men might only 'just look tired' but women would never ever, ever attempt the comb-over with their hair!! ;0)

xl said...

I would buy the BOOTS No 7 as it obviously is more advanced than CHANEL N°5!

I am tired.

BEAST said...

You would think that as ones lady lumps head south that it would pull ones skin tight and smooth out those wrinkles.....lifes a bitch :-)

Ginro said...

Well I'll be meeting my daughter in town today or tomorrow, so I'll check out the price in Boots then.

Ginro said...

"You're worth it!"
"Maybe it's Maybelline?"

The word verification is 'asmenal' which when read backwards is...'lanemsa'! Actually that means nothing at all and was a piece of totally useless information. It is an anagram of 'Saleman' though.

MJ said...

Will it work wonders on Beast's saggy bottom?

eroswings said...

That is a an unpleasant feeling when you come up with a face full of sticky stuff.

I rarely use product on my face--unless it's sunscreen or bug spray. I hate that greasy feeling from creams and lotions.

I understand aloe is pretty good for healing wrinkles. I know it works on my sunburns!

Liam said...

I haven't given aging much thought. I guess I will someday.

mapstew said...

I find alcohol tightens the skin. From the inside of course. hic!


Morton Shadow said...

In my gender bending days, I always found you couldn't go wrong with Rimmel London Longlasting Foundation (no. 100, Ivory - for that pale as a sheet after a night out with the lads look...or, if you want to be pedantic, Kate Moss)

Go on Scarlet - give it a go. I'm sure you'll look every bit as stunning as I did!

w.v: do-us-up-l


Eryl Shields said...

Men's faces do go saggy and wrinkly it's just that we are culturally conditioned not to notice. I know several men in their fifties who should be injecting Estee Lauder's 'Advanced Night Repair' serum, hourly.

Titus said...

As soon as I saw the words "Beauty Serum" lurking in the corner of The Kitchen Bitch's blog I had to pop over, but am sad to discover you do not have THE ANSWER. I put my faith in The Countess of Bathory's top tip - kill virgins and bathe in their blood. Not cheap, however, and quite a lot of on-costs. However, no men to worry about in Holloway, so that's the problem solved. Ta da!

zIggI said...

just save up for a face lift or alternatively eat loads, plump ladies always have smooth skin.

mago said...

Boots number 7? An early punk band? Never heared of it. That's what this Mr. Fox needs right up his buttocks.

KAZ said...

I find a large paper bag over the head works wonders.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Miss Eternally: Hello and Welcome!
Sadly some women dye themselves bright orange though. And do weird stuff with lip-liner.

Mr XL: Shall I become your official pillow fluffer?

Mr Beastie: Well you won't be laughing when your balls are bouncing on your knees.

Ginro: Crafty WV!!
I shall look forward to your test results. You'll never look tired again.

MJ: I don't think it's a miracle cream, but we should give it a go.

Mr Swings: Yep, Aloe is soothing. Men seem to like a tight feeling.

Liam: Lol! You young whippersnapper!

Mr Maps: Alcohol also gives your eyes highlights!

Mr Morton: I used to wear white theatrical pan stick make up! I looked ridiculous, but now I'm thankful - for 4 years my skin had no exposure to the sun, at all.

Eryl: Oh Eryl!!! Please don't waste Advanced Night Repair serum on a man! I love that stuff.

Titus: Hello and Welcome!
Sarah Miles swore by drinking her own urine. And I have been told that hospitals used to sell placentas to cosmetic manufacturers, if that's any help?

ZIggI I'm leaning towards the eating option. Probably cheaper in the long run!

Mr Mags: ? Are you not keen on Mr Fox?!

Kaz: The glamorous version of this look is a hat and huge, huge Jackie O sunglasses. And a paper bag.


mago said...

I am not quite sure what "to be keen on Mr. Fox" means or insinuates. But I have to confess that Mr. Fox strikes a chord of wild unbound aggresivity in my normally sheep-like and peaceful mind that really takes my by surprise. I could happily kick the sucker with my boot number seven.

Dave said...

A beard covers a lot of faults.

Gadjo Dilo said...

I'm not worth it, it's as simple as that, so I can just relax and stop worrying.

The only thing that reverses the effects of aging is the (illegal) Gerovital.

Whirlochre said...

Why launch a thousand ships when you can envelop them with your excessively baggy facial flesh?

Betty said...

My mother in law donated a load of Boots free sample stuff she's managed to collect recenty , including the beauty serum. I've tried it as a replacement for night cream and recently had an outbreak of spots like a teenager. Stopped using it and the skin is fine again. Coincidence?

Chairman Bill said...

Well rotted down sebum is meant to be excellent. Smells like anchovies, so you can deodourise it with a hint of WD40.

At night use a facial scrub made from builders' sand - obtainable from any good builders' supply at £4 a sack. Will last you ages and is excellent value. Add a touch of Vim for that added tingle.

Crabbers said...

Je ne veux pas me faire des ennemies !!
Mais ... je suis en accord avec "Le Président Bill"
Et je trouve que Lulu tu y vas fort :) Si tu voyais ma peau de bébé tu changerais d'avis !! C'est le résultat d'années de sourires et aussi du savon ( A l'huile d'amande douce !) Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir !
Mettre une crème ou tout autre produit frelaté sur la seule ride que je possède ( au bas de la face nord ) me ferait dévisser de mon siège !!

I do not want to be made the enemy ones !!
But... I am in agreement with “President Bill"
And I find that Lulu you go there extremely :) If you saw my skin of baby you would change opinion !! It is the result of years of smiles and also of the soap ( With the sweet almond oil ! ) Prevention is better than cure !
To put a cream or all other produced adulterated on the only wrinkle which I have (with the bottom of the northern face) would make me unscrew my seat!!

Kerrie said...

There just is no sure way to fight time. I don't know about you but I find a lot of these creams do nothing. I am always suckered in by the adverts. I must be their target audience.
In the meantime my body clock keeps ticking and I keep beating it over the head with an Avon brochure.
P.S Some men get better and some just get grumpier.

J A Harnett-Hargrove said...

Ads are great but, look at the packaging, too.... -Jayne

Leah said...

I'll have to go with mago on his assessment. Damn Matthew Fox and his tired skin.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

My mother lived until the age of 78 and she didn't have wrinkles. This is true. No B.S. She used olive oil on her face and other parts. Just good old Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Do I copy her? NO, I buy goop at the cosmetic counter.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Mags: I wasn't expecting any Matthew Fox baiting!! Anyhow, I suppose it's because that sort of 'earnest good guy' thing going on, that makes you want to slap him?

Dave: Indeed, I have bearded knees.


Scarlet-Blue said...

Gadj: I remember! Didn't you do a post about this??
Perhaps we should start some new trials???

I see a link in Mr Whirly's comment... so I will have to have a break. And a cup of tea. And a fag.
Apologies, I think I have lazybloggitus.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Whirly: And he's only 26. I bet he's not going to be asked to advertise L'Oreal.

Betty: I suppose acne does make you look youthful. Funnily enough I also have a whopping spot on my chin. A coincidence?

Mr Chairman: Now you're being silly. Stick with soda crystals.

Crabbers: You're probably right! I think I've mentioned in a previous post that smiling gives a natural lift to just about everything.
Vous avez probablement raison! Je crois que j'ai mentionné dans un précédent post qui donne un sourire naturel lever à peu près tout.

Kerrie: Same here! I don't know why I fall for all these empty promises. Lets hope the Avon catalogue never comes out in hardback.

Jayne: Hello and Welcome!
Boots No.7 goes for simple sophisticated packaging... whilst L'Oreal for Men goes for a garish Tonka Toy approach.

Leah: You wouldn't get Alan Rickman advertising L'Oreal for men, would you?

Elizabeth: Can I call you Lizzy? Or do you hate that?
Anyhow, you're probably like me. i.e - the amount of money you spend is equal to the faith you have in the cream?
Oh God, how I hate to admit that.


Clyde said...

But Miss Scarlet, they haven't made a serum, lotion or cream that can improve on perfection, so why would you bother

Scarlet-Blue said...

Clyde: Quite so! And well spotted!

mago said...

"sort of 'earnest good guy' thing going on,"
I am sorry? I am not quite sure what it is, and I am not sure why aggression is my feeling. I'll have a look at this spot again later. And you have an impressive left hook, just sayin'.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Mags: Apologies! Even I don't understand my comment. I was very sleepy this morning.
Mr Fox plays earnest good guy type roles and this earnest goody two shoes behaviour can be annoying.

I think I got thrown off of blogger earlier because Google thought I was a bot!

Kerrie said...

Just wanted to say if Alan Rickman did advertise Loreal for men I would probably buy it.

Kerrie said...

Just wanted to say if Alan Rickman did advertise Loreal for men I would probably buy it.

Dave said...

Oh, Miss S-B, thank goodness it happened to you too. I was banned from Blogger by Google for the same reason. Spent four hours last night running all kinds of anti-virus tests.

Then I did the same thing to the computer and they let me back in.

Ginro said...

Thank goodness for these comments! I thought it was me as well, every time I went onto Blogger I kept getting thrown off. Did uninstalls, anti virus and anti spyware checks, restores etc.
Bloody Google.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Kerrie: You'd buy double!
I think you have some competition from Leah... she's also besotted by Mr Rickman.
He is nice though. I wouldn't say no.

Dave and Ginro: I have a hunch it was something to do with that Russian blogger? I think Twitter and Facebook copped it as well - I'm not sure about this but there was something on the news last night. Just goes to show how vulnerable the internet is.


Crabbers said...

Yes the smile ! But like said it a famous romantic writer :

"Les discours des hommes ne sont que des masques qu'ils appliquent sur leurs actions."

EmmaK said...

I have never had any luck with Boots No 7 skin products they always leave me with a rash. I think you have to shell out at least fifty pounds on a facecream for it to be effective ie Estee Lauder. I am pretty sure Boots creams are made from odd bits of pan scourer and cat urine.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Crabbers: And as they say [actually I think it was Mary Poppins] a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
Et comme on dit [en fait, je pense que c'est Mary Poppins] une cuillère de sucre aide la médecine descendre.

Emmak: I have this horrible feeling I'd actually believe in Boots No7 if they put the price up. That's scary.


mago said...

"A spoonful of lovin'" ...

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Mags: Now there's an invitation!