Wednesday, 6 January 2010

It's All White...

Who said it doesn't snow in Devon....? and why is Blogger publishing my posts before I've finished writing them? I know I don't write very much, but give us a chance... Anyhow, I was simply going to write: "...and the UK grinds to a halt".... maybe Blogger knew best eh?



I don't know.
Who did say 'it doesn't snow in Devon?'
But hey, look on the white side, you're in Devon, it's snowing and, and I think this is amazing, you're still online.

Scarlet Blue said...

Mr Kevin: Trust me... being online is a flipping miracle.
The stories that these broadband providers come out with... and don't get me started on BT... they even admit that I deserve compensation, so it must have been bad.

Macy said...

Yis! Scotland is now exporting SNOW. ENJOY!!
Expect invoice soon....

Clyde said...

Yep, I have that white stuff here on the beach and a heat wave of 5 day over 100 coming up.
Ah, but my white doesn't melt into slush

fairyhedgehog said...

It's white, it's beautiful, and it's a flaming nuisance. I'm glad I don't have to try to go to work in it - my Beloved spent three hours on a train and even then didn't make it in to work.

Lulu LaBonne said...

Lucky you, it's all slush in this bit of London.

Are you making igloos to keep the excess Bolly in?

mapstew said...

Wouldn't multi-coloured snow be cool?

Don't eat yellow snow! :¬)


Dave said...

I have no plans to go out for a day or two. I intend to lie on my rug in front of the fire.

Scarlet Blue said...

Macy: Quite so! And poor ol' Scotland has had it pretty bad for a few weeks.

Mr Clyde: Dreams of beaches and bikini lines are far away... I'm growing it all for warmth.

Fairyhedgehog: I'm scared that I'm going to run out of food... or worse...fags. I can't get out of my drive. And there is nowhere within walking distance.

Lulu: Indeed! An igloo would make the Smeg look rather passé.


Scarlet Blue said...

Mr Maps: EWWWWWW!!!

Dave: Don't you have a sofa like everyone else?


Dave said...

How dare you suggest that I am like anyone else?

Rog said...

Does everyone in Devon still refer to each other as "My Lover"?

I should imagine it could get confusing.

Scarlet Blue said...

Bother! I've forgotten how to do links!
Dave: Apologies... I imagine that you must have a Claes Oldenburg type interior.

Rog: I have to listen very carefully. It's a wonderful accent though!


eroswings said...

It looks very pretty and magical...

...but I'd imagine it would suck if you run out of stuff and had to trek across the tundra for supplies.

Of course, I'd probably be one of those idiots outside trying to make (lewd) snowpeople to pass the time.

savannah said...

oh my! that is a lot of snow, sugar! brrrrrrrrr! xoxoxox

Geoff said...

It's a disaster! How can you see the signs for "Cream Teas"?

Leah said...

NYC tends to grind to a halt too, although snow isn't such a rarety here! I think we're just looking for an excuse! Beautiful pics.

tony said...

Well,yes, but Yorkshire Snow is bigger,whiter & Colder Thou Nose!

Kevin Musgrove said...

I hadn't realised you'd moved into such a built-up area.

I'd say that this was an opportunity to pack in the fags but I know you've been using them to keep warm.

Dave said...

My interior is my business. Unless you plan to join me on my rug.

nick said...

Snow is so unusual in Britain nobody can quite believe it exists. So they all set off regardless on mammoth journeys from Penzance to Folkestone and then are quite put-out when they get stuck on the top of Exmoor. Serves them right.

What are you worrying about anyway? Haven't you got a good stash of baked beans and chocolate cake to see you through till spring?

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Did you accidentally double-pump the mouse button? That can happen. And if you accidentally publish an entry and delete it, it'll still show up in some Google Readers. Nice pics, by the way.

I have a friend who lives on Hoxton and he complains about BT all the time.

KAZ said...

I think you may have to move to Africa.

Kerrie said...

Your snow is fluffier and whiter than mine, is everything better in Devon? I have also discovered my satellite dish refuses to work if so much as one flake lands on it, so can we all go and laze on Dave's rug please?

The Dotterel said...

How very pretty... snow's alright too, I s'pose.

Donnw/2nz said...

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation is Gaia's way of reminding us that she is large and in charge.

Fortunately for the denizens of Whateverpeg, in the centre of Khanada, it means that we can expect a much warmer Winter.

Neener neener neen-ner!

Pat said...

You'll love it in the spring - I promise:)

Scarlet Blue said...

Mr Swings: I am a good girl guide and always prepared for any eventuality, i.e I have three bottles of Jack Daniels and 100 fags.

Savvy: It's like the winters of ye olde days... and I remember them cos I'm over thirty.

Geoff: At least I don't have to worry if I run out of milk... I just pop into a neighbouring field and give 50p to a cow.

Leah: Apparently this is the most snow and the longest cold snap we've had for thirty years... actually I'd forgotten what it could be like.

Tony: I know and Northerners have more grit.

Kev: Lung warmers!

Dave: Do you have a log?

Nick: I am fine, I may run out of bread.. but then again I imagine everywhere will run out of bread by 2.30pm. Wish I had my bread making kit.

Mr Banishment: I pressed 'return' to start a paragraph and it published... but then again this laptop minimises windows at will... I have to be careful where I put my pointer due to spontaneous clicking.

Kaz: I think I will. BT would probably mess up that move as well.

Kerrie: I'm having a problem with Dave's 'rug'. The word 'rug' makes me think 'Toupé' - and I don't think we'll all fit on it.
Devon is vast.

Mr Dotts: It'd be prettier if I could keep my toes warm!

Mr Coppens: *pounds Mr Coppens with snowballs*
Ha! You'll be getting lots of rain then.

Pat: I'm quite enchanted now... it's the space, it's all so spread out. The south east is claustrophobic by comparison.


Dave said...

Would it help if I said 'shag pile rug'?

Regarding the log, I've not had any complaints.

xl said...

What wonderful snow scenes! Did you make a snow angel?

Kate Lord Brown said...

It *always* snows in Devon, who says it doesn't? Vast snow drifts, walking on top of the hedges, ice storms ... unless global warming has accelerated rapidly since the 70s, dig out your thermals Scarls x

Kate Lord Brown said...

It *always* snows in Devon, who says it doesn't? Vast snow drifts, walking on top of the hedges, ice storms ... unless global warming has accelerated rapidly since the 70s, dig out your thermals Scarls x

BEAST said...

I hope you are wearing a vest in this weather Miss Scarlet

wendy house said...

All wight now, baby its a' all wight now....

you'll be out there with your shovel digging out the sheep before long. the long winter nights in Devon will just fly by. I have fond memories of the 'find the sheep in the snow drift' games we used to play with the local farmers.

wrap up warm

w x

VE said...

Wouldn't it be freaky to launch some red or black dye up into the clouds and have red or black snow come down? I know...I'm weird...

Princess said...

Dear Miss Scarlet,
Just a little hint from princess.
If you find yellow snow, remember, Don't Eat It!

Jimmy Bastard said...

It's not often we are treated to the sight of your bush doll.

Don't eat the yellow snow by the way.

Eryl Shields said...

You must build a snowman while you have the chance, X

Anonymous said...

I'd like to built a snowman Calvin style.

Whirlochre said...

I'm printing these out and waving them at every single wasp I see come July.

Look at this, you miserable bastards!

Have at ye!

Gadjo Dilo said...

Lovely, snowy Devon. I recognise that - isn't it Exmoor?

Scarlet Blue said...

Dave: Hmmmm... but 'shag-pile' has connotations with dodgy seventies wall paper and Kevin Keegan hair styles.

Mr XL: It all looks pretty stunning this morning. I like to keep my snow clean because it sparkles.

Kate: Trust me, I am wearing the complete range of M&S thermals. And a pair of Cosyfeet Innovative Socks.

Mr Beastie: It would take me 3hrs to perform the dance of the seven thermal vests.

Wendy: I have found my bucket and spade and I am building snow castles.
The sheep are busy with another kind of activity at the moment. It involves a lot of orange ink.

Mr VE: I think you're on to something... and the Dulux advertisers are interested in your idea.

Ms Princess: ...damn and I thought it was vanilla ice cream.

Mr Jimmy: Ah yes, the bush looks good with sugar frosting. Sticky.

Eryl: Good to see you!
I tried to build a snowman last time we had snow... I dunno, when you're a kid you seem to be immune from the cold... or have better mittens... either way as soon as I tried to make my snowman, my fingers froze rigid.

Mr Mags: I'm going to get a snowman mould and build several - Warhol style.

Mr Whirly: Indeed! This cold snap should deplete their numbers.

Gadj: This is Copplestone - north of Exeter. I'm still finding my way around... but I saw the Atlantic on New Year's Day!


Mitzi said...

According to weather reports it's going to be snowy for at least 15days, before it starts to improves. So much for global warming.

Word verification:
Is that a welsh word?

Scarlet Blue said...

Mitzi: Bugger. I am due to run out of fags by next Thursday. This could get serious.
A Fanri is a merchant who buys and sells things. He can be Welsh. I hope this helps.

Dave said...

This may be the ideal opportunity to give up smoking.

And other filthy habits.

nick said...

Can't you phone the army and get them to organise an emergency fag-drop?

Scarlet Blue said...

Dave: £$&*&**(*$$%$!!!*^&^

Nick: Got to be done. They know a true emergency when thay see one.


Joanna Cake said...

I dont know who said it first, but I definitely heard that it doesnt snow in Devon on the tv or the radio recently.

Have you tried a mobile dongle?

Anonymous said...

De la neige dans le Devon c'est normal ...puisque c'est dans le nord pardi !!

Le réchauffement climatique !! comme ils disent :(

Une bise pour vous réchauffer et HAPPY NEW YEAR :)

Oups !
En français coquin de sort !
In French coquin of fate !

Anonymous said...

Ach, the konzept of industrial standardization and repeat ... no, I want it individual and strange.
With an axe.

Scarlet Blue said...

Ms Cakes: I think it must be the coastal areas that get less snow... but I definitely heard something along the lines that it was rare for it to snow in Devon these days.

Crabbers: Excuses mais j'ai été très paresseux avec translaion lately!
Avez-vous la neige en France?

Apologies but I've been very lazy with translaion lately!
Have you got snow in France?

Mr Mags: Apologies! You are right, of course, but I was trying to find a way to build a snowman without my fingers falling off.