Thursday, 25 February 2010

Does it make sense to jump out of a warm bed into a cold cereal?

Is life getting you down? Is today turning out to be a complete washout? Don't be grim... try reading Scarlet Blue's blogspot - It's so big, you've gotta grin to get it in. Scarlet can deliver powerful relief in just two minutes and we all like a little hanky panky now and again, don't we?
Scarlet Blue's Blogspot - because life's complicated enough.
You know it makes sense.

Pity about Woolworths though...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

My Name is Scarlet and I'm a Lazy Blogger

I am still here. I haven't been kidnapped by aliens, Facebook, or even a nice policeman. I am still a blogger. But I have been busy. Remember the post about the live/work unit? Well I am putting the work unit to use. I am painting. I am painting pictures. They're not brilliant, so I won't post any of my masterpieces here and fish for compliments, but I will fish for compliments when I'm feeling more confident.

Other news: I have noticed that there has been word of dwindling blogosphere activity; Mr Jimmy wrote an excellent post about blogging and Geoff has also chimed in, I can only echo their thoughts as they write it all better than wot I can. Although I will add that the other day I was a little disconcerted to find that I had followers in my Google email account.... odd. It's all getting a little out of hand and to be honest I can only cope with one social networking site. Yes, I do have a Facebook account, but I don't do much there other than spend too much time doing Facebook quizzes... I like quizzes... pretty crap at them... and I'm also pretty crap at multitasking... I can't keep up with it all. Anyhow, Blogger is my preferred networking site, it's where I grew up.

AND apart from being busy I've also bought a new flat/wide screen singing/dancing telly... [it's not all work then] sorry... but I do have to watch adverts and stuff or I'd have nothing to write about and I've never really got over the novelty of colour telly... I can even remember the first thing I watched in colour - it was Robin Hood and they all had green eyebrows... anyhow, is that the time....

*slinks off to watch 'Let's Dance for Sport Relief' on a very big screen...*

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Here Comes That Advert Again

There is no easy way of saying this... but I am sick to my back teeth of hearing Here Come The Girls, the tune that has accompanied every Boots advert for the last two or three years. Listen up Boots: I'm sick of it! Enough with your coming! Change your tune and your marketing strategy. Have you not noticed that half the population are men and that your stores do sell shaving equipment and other daily essentials that men may well be interested in... such us photo frames; loose leaf files; batteries; deodorant and bifocals...[what do I know?]... it's about time that the girls had a rest; let them go on holiday; let them wear comfy shoes; let them have a cosmetic free day; let them have frizzy hair; let them sit back in a comfy chair; let them formulate a manifesto for world peace, and let the boys come for a change.

*Apologies to non-UK people who might not know what I'm banging on about.