Friday, 16 April 2010

Dear Scarlet....


Hi Scarletblue

I've just Googled my way to your web-site and a blog you wrote last August titled That's Life, So Wot?
I was particularly interested in your reply to a comment made by Wendy when you said -

Wendy: I feel more like a teapot at the moment! I love hot water bottles. It's because they smell of hot rubber. Odd.

I love hot water bottles too and always had a craving for the smell of the hot rubber. I've always thought it was odd too and never been able to understand why it is. Until recently I'd never heard anyone else say they like the smell of hot water bottles, but a Google search shows that many people feel the same way.
I like the smell of the hot rubber because I associate it with comfort and warmth. Why do you like the smell?

I love my hot water bottles so much I get rather attached to them and don't like throwing them away even when they get old. What do you do with your old ones?

When this missive first fell into my inbox I was a little dubious, suspecting that the writer was trying to coerce me into a hot rubber discussion of a seedy nature. I was worried about where it might lead. But after consideration, I think it's quite sweet - simply one hot rubber lover connecting with another. I do indeed like the smell of hot water bottles.... but in answer to the query: as with any other kind of perishable rubber product, I throw the old ones out because they tend to leak and make the sheets wet. I hope this helps.


mapstew said...

'they tend to leak and make the sheets wet'

I hope Mrs. Maps doesn't throw me out if that ever happens! :¬)


The Lovely Bones said...

Afternoon Scarlet,

"a hot rubber discussion of a seedy nature." OMG!....perish the the thought.....sorry couldn't resist a must be the inner child in me....ah yes back to discussions of a rubber nature....what did the victorians ever do for us?.....heart shaped hot water bottles apparently....oh and railways....more usefull that an airplane today methinks.

Princess said...

Hi Scarlet,

There is something about the smell of hot rubber water bottles.

For me they evoke memories of a cold winter night ritual with a comforting and loving Nanna.

I remember watching as she would patiently boil the kettle on the wood stove then carfully fill the bottle up, gently squeezing out the remaining air and screwing in the stopper tightly, then ensuring that it wouldn't leak by turning it upside down over the kitchen sink.
The bottle would then be wrapped in a towel and placed gently under the covers of the bed at about the place that my feet would be.

I would snuggle down under the covers and locate the warmth with my toes.

They are still comforting even now

xl said...

Along with smoking and tampons, I've not experienced hot water bottles either. I feel life must be passing me by.

nick said...

My beloved and I are now sufficently advanced in years not to need any rubber items when we're liaising. Except for the rubber duck of course which is indispensable.

I have to admit the smell of hot rubber is a delight that escapes me.

Eryl Shields said...

This post comes at exactly the right time: the 'Read Write Poem' prompt today is about smells.

I love the smell of hot water bottles too, it takes me right back to the days of icicles hanging on the inside of the bathroom window and sheets so cold you could preserve a body in them until the ground thawed. Happy times!

Dave said...

I must admit my major complaint is that I get too hot in bed. Not that anyone else complains about that fact.

I do have a hot water bottle stored away, in case I ever get a visitor. It's probably perished now.

TechnoBabe said...

I'd rather smell gasoline rather than hot used rubber. See, we each have a favorite scent. Smile.

Scarlet Blue said...

Can I just interrupt here?
I mean, are these types of email usual? Does everyone get them?

The Lovely Bones said...


I think not, sounds rather strange imo.


xl said...

"Does everyone get them?"

No. The fetish sites I visit promise complete discretion.

MJ said...

Someone emailed me recently asking if I like ginger pubic hair.

Pat said...

I immediately remembered the smell.
Maybe it's because we associate it with being put to bed with a hottie when we were poorly as kids.

EmmaK said...

I think xl has not experienced the rubber hot water bottle because isn't this a peculiarly British thing? Yes I loved the smell of hot rubber too. I could never get used to electric blankets as they tend to get too hot and one feels like a boil in the bag haddock you know what I mean?

Kerrie said...

I have never had an e mail about rubber hot or otherwise.
I am devastated that no one ever thinks of me. x

donn said...

hoh hoh hoh
This predicament can occur when the rubber meets the road less travelled.

It might also suggest that the rubber should curb their enthusiasm and the rubbee could have used a few more spritzers and a bit more spritzing.

Rog said...

I was attached to a hot water bottle once.

Those chaps in A&E were magnificent...

The Unbearable Banishment said...

A Google search will result in all sorts of shenanigans. I get lots of hits for “sexy Disney princesses” and I DON’T think there’s anything sweet and innocent about that.

the eternal worrier said...

Maybe its a smell that reminds us of childhood? Or that full length rubber gimp suit thats hangs of the back of the spare room door!

Kevin Musgrove said...

I do get emails like this. Usually at work. From colleagues. The same ones who ask for lonely hearts tips for chimpanzees.

savannah said...



Lulu LaBonne said...

I'm a hottie fan too, but never keep anything perished in the bed - heaven forfend!

Happy Frog and I said...

I have to say I haven't had any emails like this yet. Though I do get some very strange keyword searches from people looking for my blog. Very strange indeed!

Ponita in Real Life said...

I have a hot water bottle... and it is a very comforting thing, especially when my back is very achy. It's just the perfect size to nestle in the small of my back when I sit.

And it's not just a Brit thing. I think perhaps XL hasn't experienced it because he lives in a warmer climate than those of us close to the Arctic Circle. ;-)

Chairman Bill said...

You mean you don't keep them as convenient storage devices for excess body fluids?

Scarlet Blue said...

Mr Maps: Tena for men?

Ms Lovely: Resistence is futile.

Missy Princess: I had mine wrapped in a towel as well... when the bottle cooled I used to cuddle it.

Mr XL: I really think you ought to visit the UK!

Nick: I imagine that you are extremely warm bloodied and that you would be pleasant to rest ones feet on.

Eryl: Sheets so cold that you have to warm the bed up one inch at a time... thank goodness spring is here.

Dave: Do you sleep naked?

Techybabes: Indeed! Horses for courses! Are you another hot water bottle virgin?

Scarlet: No you can't, get on with your replies.

Ms Lovely: I'm still not sure if it was innocent or not... but I have a hunch it was... maybe I'm gullible?

Mr XL: This is where I'm going wrong then...


Pat: Having a hot water bottle used to be such a treat. I now use one occasionally to warm up my dodgy jaw. How times change.

Emmak: I'm scared of electric blankets! There were a few deaths in the seventies... put me off for life.

Kerrie: Usually I get mails asking if I'd like to put ads on my blog... they are usually quite boring. You're time will come!

Mr Coppens: The rubbee should always show deep humble gratitude.


Scarlet Blue said...

Rog: ROGER!!! With a hot water bottle?!!!

Mr Banish: I'm hit with 'Smeg'.

Mr Worrier: Either way, it's such a comfort.

Kev: I'm surprised your most recent post hasn't generated more mail regarding tips....?

Savvy: Nope to rubbery mail?

Lulu: I might be guilty of a few stale biscuit crumbs....

Happy Froggy: They get stranger... mine are usually 'Smeg' related... I'd love to see their disappointed faces.

Ponita: I'm supposed to warm up my jaw with a hot water bottle before I do my jaw exercises. It certainly helps.

Mr Chairman: I have specimen bottles for that sort of thing... which I keep in the Smeg.


xl said...

"I really think you ought to visit the UK!"

I may have a chance to visit London later this year. I will look for a hot water bottle shop!

nick said...

How did you guess? I'm extremely warm bloodied and Jenny (v cold-bloodied) rests her feet on me as often as she can. I have to beat her off with the rubber duck.

Dave said...

I couldn't possible answer that question, for fear of causing too much excitement up and down the nation.

Geoff said...

It's really the worst thing that can happen when a hot water bottle follows through.

tony said...

Have You Noticed That The Red ones smell different than the Blue Ones?

Kevin Musgrove said...

I'll be damned if I'm having a sniff of my Fungus the Bogeyman hottie.

The Lovely Bones said...

Ms Scarlet,

"Ms Lovely: Resistence is futile."

To what do you refer?....Scarletblue or hot water bottles?

As for the email you received.....
still think it odd.

Enjoy your weekend.

TLB xx

eroswings said...

Yeah, I don't get the hot water bottle thing either. I'd be afraid of it busting and scorching the skin or wetting the entire bed!

Whirlochre said...

For a moment there, I thought you'd posted a photo of your favourite rubber knickers.

But that's next week, right?

Gadjo Dilo said...

"I throw the old ones out because they tend to leak and make the sheets wet" - like your men, eh, scarley?! (Maybe somebody's already said that.)

mago said...

No, my dear, I do not get such emails. :]

Scarlet Blue said...

Mr XL: Considering how cold the last six months have been, I may start my own hot water bottle shop - one way of beating the recession!

Nick: Are you using rhyming slang?

Dave: Indeed! The thought has got me all a quiver.

Geoff: It appears that Rog is used to this experience.

Tony: Yes! I have a red one and it is potent.

Kev: I'm surprised at you Kev, I had you down as a classic red hot water bottle man.

Ms Lovely: Puns! Puns are irrisistible!

Mr Swings: They are fine so long as you don't over fill them.
Like most things.

Mr Whirly: ...and the following week is my favourite rubber tank top...

Gadj: You are the first to mention this and you can read me like a book!

Mr Mags: I'm beginning to feel priviledged.


nick said...

Never thought of that (slaps forehead, Woody Allen style). How dim am I? No, our rubber duck is merely a cherished companion.

The Lovely Bones said...


Why of course it is!..... how stupid of me.:-(

Had one of my blonde moments there.

TLB xx

Scarlet Blue said...

Nick: *Smiles innocently*
In that coquettish way I have.

Ms Lovely: It happens to the best of us...


kyknoord said...

I think all hearts should be rubber. It would certainly save a lot of unnecessary angst.

Philip said...

I have a strong memory of being a kid and my mother asking me to hold the hot water bottle whilst she filled it. She poured boiling water all over my hand. That night I could only cuddle the hot water bottle with one hand. My burnt hand was still hot from the water so it all worked out in the end. Brave woman to put up a post labelled "hot rubber". 10 out of 10 for bravery and content!

Scarlet Blue said...

Kyknoord: I will be calling you 'Kinky' in future... I'm finding spelling difficult today.
...but rubber also perishes if it's not buffed and oiled.

Philip: Hello and Welcome!
Were you lured by the hot rubber?
I think my mum did that to me as well!


Tawny Owl said...

Just stumbled across your blog again after all these months and see that my original email caused you some concerns. Sorry about that, but I think you initially read too much into it. It was certainly not my intention to enter into discussions of a seedy nature. I sent an email as opposed to posting a comment as I didn't have a Blogger Account at the time and anonymous comments weren't an option.
As you now say - "simply one hot rubber lover connecting with another." I don't know why I have this craving and thought that talking to another with similar feelings might help me understand. Thanks for your comment, and email me if you’d like a more detailed explanation.

Scarlet Blue said...

Hello Tawny Owl - this was one of my few posts that I regretted posting. I felt a bit mean after I'd done it.
I do love the smell of a hot water bottle... but... I wouldn't make up a hot water bottle just for the purpose of sniffing it.
Anyhow, apologies to you for publishing this email. I shouldn't have done it.

Tawny Owl said...

Hi Scarlet
There's absolutely no reason why you should feel bad in any way about your post, and you should certainly have no regrets. I can assure you it caused me no embarrassment. In fact some of the comments it provoked were quite interesting! Yes, I love the smell of my hot water bottle, but it’s not a sexual thing - just a rather unusual, and some would say odd , craving.
J. xx