Thursday, 15 July 2010

The New Post

I have been very impressed by Lulu and Eryl's maps, so I thought I'd scribble a map of this post. As you can tell I am not very good at map reading and I often get lost.

Mr Mags wanted a pic of my boobs, so I have drawn him an enhanced representation - I hope this will suffice.

I had some disturbing news yesterday when I discovered that my writing style was the same as James Joyce... and... er... Dave. Click HERE if you want to know who you write like - it's great fun.

SERIOUS BIT: MJ's and Leni's comments are still vanishing, it's been over a month now and the blogger team aren't exactly falling over themselves to resolve the problem. I really think Blogger should employ more people to look after us all... anyhow, Mr Swings is organising another assault on the Blogger Help Forum to get them to speed up a bit. Please visit Mr Swings if you're in the mood for a bundle.

I can't be bothered with the armpit advert at the moment - something about women feeling really horny after they've shaved their armpits. I am dubious about this.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Groovy Boobs and Posts

Since being on a blogging break I have blogged more than usual. Which is a bit odd. Anyhow, I thought I ought to put a new post up because my previous post wasn't really a proper post... only I haven't really got anything to post about... but I shall try to post something anyway. Maybe I will write a post about posts [see, nothing to say at all]?
Enough of this silliness. Over the last few days I have been concerned about my bra size; I'm not really sure what size I should be wearing. According to measuring guides, I should be wearing a 34D. This can't be right as I have no spillage from my 32B, it's not too tight and it doesn't ride up at the back. I wondered if their were any ladies out there who could advise, or any gentlemen willing to assist...?

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Emergency - First it was MJ and Leni - But now we're all vanishing.

DAVE and MR PIRATE are both having their comments eaten.

Blogger forum question HERE.

Tick the email follow up comments box or you won't know that you've received a comment. There are three so far on this post but they have all vanished.

For everybody who is having a problem today - make sure that you get on Gatsby's spreadsheet HERE.

Thank you Savannah, for the link.

Dark UFO person is also collecting data on this problem HERE.

Christ, this is getting complicated...

I seem to be back... but nobody else is yet, so my comment box looks a bit weird.
Try re posting your current posts... that's what I did with this one.

As of 2.00pm we seem to be able to see our own avatars but no other avatars. Weird. Scrub that; we are all vanishing again.

****UPDATE**** I think it is more or less mended.... maybe MJ's old comments are back as well. Live in hope.... die in a heap of despair.... [time 17:25]
I'm going to log off in a bit; Mum is calling me in for my tea.