Monday, 28 March 2011

Stuck on Question 17.... [Census Queries] this a trick question?

I was thinking of putting my blog address in this box.

Any other ideas are most welcome.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

For Kaz

December 16th 2008

My back door is being fitted tomorrow so I will be indisposed. This entrance area has been causing problems for some time now, [causing a bit of a draught] and now a very nice carpenter friend is finally coming to sort me out. He asked me earlier today whether I would like a handle or a ribbed knob. He recomended ribbed so that if my hands are slippery I'll still be able to get a good grip.
Anyhow he is a friendly cheerful chap who seems to know what he's doing and he enjoys dunking gingernuts. When he has finished in the back passage he has promised to work on my front door; he's going to stop it from sticking and he's going to polish my knockers.
Meanwhile, I am helping out with a project to reintroduce beavers into the English countryside. I heard about it on Jeremy Vine radio show yesterday afternoon and it caught my imagination . . .
Here is a short film clip to inform . . .

KAZ said...

Hey Scarlet - I just heard you are to be awarded a special award for the most double entendres in one post.
Congratulations daaahling..
And thankyou for telling us about the 'pain-relieving properties of the beaver's anal gland secretions'.

I think she liked this one.

And finally, Kaz said: Enjoy life.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Off My Trolley


Having spent over an hour this morning trying to shop online using the newly upgraded Waitrose site, I thought I'd drop you a line to tell you about the problems I encountered.
Common sense suggested that all I had to do was tick the select boxes on my product list and then click the 'add to trolley' button, but alas when I did this only two of my selected products were added, in this instance, 4.5kg of new potatoes and a cucumber. Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith may be able to survive on such meagre rations, but I am a mere mortal with limited cooking ability. It would be true to say that I do have a fondness for a fulsome cucumber, but quite frankly I'd prefer a bit of meat with my two veg.
Anyhow, I repeated this exercise numerous times, on Mozilla and Internet Explorer [it sometimes makes a difference], but kept getting a pop-up box telling me to select items.... which is what I thought I had been doing....
To cut a tedious story short, I found that the only way I could fill my trolley with more than 4.5kg of new potatoes and a cucumber was to add each item individually, which took about 2 minutes per product, thus making the suggested weekly diet of potato and cucumber relatively appealing.

I look forward to your speedy reply,


Ms S. Blue

Apologies to my bloggy friends; I am feeling a little under the weather, but will be back in full force by Monday.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Kinky Boots

My birthday is now all done and dusted and Dave has instructed me to move on... so move on I shall.
Miss Norma is currently paying homage to Honor Blackman, whilst Roses is paying homage to her fab new boots. So what could be more appropriate than this short clip for a Sunday morning....

And remember, 20 million women are wearing kinky boots, right now. Pity then, that they couldn't find any to appear in the video.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It's my Birthday!!!!

...and that means I can be self indulgent. Later I will be eating cake, but first, here is my current favourite advert.

...the butter cream and fat in the cake will smooth out my wrinkles. If I had any. Okay, I fib... but if I look at myself all squinty in the mirror, then I look jolly good [I'd look bloody good if I was 64]... even better if I dim the lights...

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Meanwhile.... is coming in from far and wide regarding the errant missing comment : "Please can you make it wear big pants. And a knitting pattern would be nice."
First off it found it's way into a comment from Miss Norma on Infomaniac.
It quickly spread around the blogosphere and was next seen loitering in 2005 on Wendy's blog, HERE.
But the most disturbing news is from Mr XL who claims to have seen the comment on the telly, and he sent me this evidence:

Who knows where this will end... I now have a disturbing vision of the missing comment blurting itself out on Question Time, making the headlines in the Financial Times and embarrassing me even further...

LATEST NEWS: Another sighting has just come in from MJ

It appears that the comment has well and truly escaped the internet. It has mutated and is spreading across the globe...

Oh crikey....

Latest Update 7th March - just in from Princess...

Who says: I have found your missing comment lurking in my fabric stash....
The poor little thing was curled up looking rather exhausted from a long journey
What would you like me to do with it now?

And this picture from Mr Auty...

...who says of the comment: It's taken up diplomacy at the highest levels.
Let's just hope that the comment never meets Prince Andrew...

FINAL UPDATE: Last two then, as I think it's time to move on to new posts and comments [missing or otherwise]. Dave has spotted the missing comment making itself at home here...

...and finally, the comment has now been made into a film - as spotted by MJ....

Nick has all the insider gossip on this and has dropped hints that Victoria Wood and Penelope Wilton are starring, whilst Bill Nighy merely features, which is a shame cos I like Bill Nighy...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Going Live!!!

Believe it or not I have been busy over the past couple of months. And here is the fruit of my labour: My new website!!! I am a little bit anxious about linking here, but would be grateful for feedback regarding how it loads and shows on your computers. I haven't a clue what it looks like on an Applemac - it might go plop for all I know. Do the pictures take too long to load?

Is anybody getting married soon or having a fab dinner party? Just asking....