Saturday, 1 August 2009


I have a posh voice for answering the phone and a common voice for shouting and whining and chattering. Same goes for writing.
This is my shouty unedited writing:-

This is from my notebook. A private place that nobody is ever, EVER, supposed to see. You may recognise the post... only the pic isn't very good and I haven't got a scanner. Most of my posts begin in my notebook cos I can't really type. I can only manage one finger. Four if I concentrate.
And this is me practicing my posh writing. It makes me cringe because all I see are the squashed up letters and misplaced serifs. I don't know what it says. I think it's from an Oscar Wilde book. Again, as this is a practice sheet and not a final piece... nobody has ever seen it before:-

*Click to make big etc.


Ginro said...

'Click to make big'??? As the actress said to the bishop?

Some of the writing is a little confusing:

"Cindy is once again left in the appartment [sic] whilst her step-sisters to play with the Dyson / are out living it up in a local nightclub."
And something about a well-worn banana?

Serious question, how many textual errors do you ever make when you writing the calligraphical work, and does that mean you have to throw the whole page away and start again?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Very impressed.

Nice serifs. (-;

Leah said...

GORGeous. Gorgeous!

My dad did lovely calligraphy. I want to learn!!!

I like your "shouty voice" handwriting too.

Whirlochre said...

I can only manage one finger.

Remind me to take you out of context sometime.

I appreciate the swirl of your curves as my dad was a draughtsman and produced similarly legible script.

I'm ashamed — mine's a mess.

Madame DeFarge said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. That's me speechless. Love the second sample. Proper impressed and everything. Wow.

lulu labonne said...

I too am madly impressed with the calligraphy - very gorgeous.

Your shouty writing is way neater and more adult than my scrawl. I think you must be a very well organised sort of girl.

Dave said...

I can't think of any double-entendre, as I'm so impressed by both sets of writing.

Would be ashamed to show you mine.

Blow. That could be misunderstood. Didn't mean it. I meant my scruffy illegible handwriting. Honest.

Emerson Marks said...

Bloody Hell! You weren't taking the piss when you said you could write in all that italic mallarkey, were you.

fairyhedgehog said...

They're so pretty! Both of them. Very classy indeed.

Eryl Shields said...

Gosh, and gosh, your shouty writing is like that of a very good, hard working school girl and your non shouty is like an illuminated manuscript: beautiful, X

KAZ said...

Even though I'm a hopeless typist, I hardly ever actually write these days - apart from shopping lists.
I'm too addicted to undo, delete, copy, paste and cut.

The calligraphy - I love it.

Kerrie said...

How fabulous and multi talented you are.
How dissapointed I am not to be the first to coment on "click to make it big." and I wanted to ask if it worked with things other than writing. Someone had to say it.

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good afternoon Ms. Scarlet,

You are such a show off! While everyone doodles with their cursive writing skills, you bust out with your own personal notebook AND some Oscar Wilde calligraphy.

"A private place that nobody is ever, EVER, supposed to see".

You know Scarlet, I would love your style even if I never, EVER saw your private place.


Jimmy Bastard said...

I cannae picture you as a shouty person, more a wee lambchop with dainty fingers and a voice to match.

However, I can see small traces of scantily worn underwear in your handwriting, not to mention the naughty photies you send when you're a wee bit tottie with the drink.

PI said...

I like your hand-writing. It's nice and girly. And legible which is vital.

xl said...

Beautiful writing all-around!

In the shouty section, what's this about?

Vauxhall Corsa - pull out bicyle thingy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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savannah said...

i am so glad y'all decided to play, sugar! y'all's handwriting is divine! the calligraphy is fantastic! xoxox

vw: homme

Anonymous said...

Have !! I do not know if I owed !???

(*Par mail !*)

MJ said...

If you're talking well-worn bananas, you're talking about Beast.

Isn't that right?

mapstew said...

Sont les mots qui vent tres bien ensemble, tres bien ensemble!


Chairman Bill said...

Nearly as pretty as mine.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Ginro: Yep, the unedited stuff is confusing cos I write whatever is in my head and sort it out later when I type it up.
I don't worry about mistakes when practicing lettering, but to erase a mistake on a proper piece of work I have to either use gouache paint or scrap the mistake away with a scalpel. Or start again!

Kev: I get a bit carried away with the serifs!

Leah: There are some very good books on the market. I haven't done any for ages now. But I used to do place settings for weddings and parties - the computer put me out of a job!

Mr Whirly: Being taken out of context is always fun!

Madame D: You should see some real professional calligraphy. Makes me swoon and also makes me feel like a clumsy donkey!

Lulu: I think I'm good at the illusion of being well organised! But I'm not really!

Dave: Oh go on! Please show me yours!

Mr Marks: I can also do a bit of Gothic. But that really is flashy.

Fairyhedgehog: Thankyou!

Eryl: I've had a go at the illuminated lettering malarky as well... and did a bit of goldleaf, but I'm still in the early stages with this.
Hard working schoolgirl!!!

Kaz: I like the feel of a pen in my hand. I also like doodling.

Kerrie: Oh yes, click to make it big works on most things. As does whistling.

Mr U: It was risky to flash my privates.
I shall be over later to look at your cursives!

Mr Jimmy: Shhhushhh! Let's keep my drunken antics between ourselves!

Pat: Sometimes it gets too big and over exuberant! But I suppose it is legible.

Mr XL: Thank you!
Oh, the Vauxhall Corsa ad must have come on whilst I was writing and it puzzled me. They seem to be marketing it on the basis of it having somewhere you can store your bike. Which I thought was odd - I was going to look it up and check.

Savvy: Thank you! Yes this is a fun meme and loads of people have taken part now. I think it was a really good idea.

Crabbers: Yes! Thank you for your mail! A very very good analysis. I think you should do everyone. You could earn a fortune!
Oui! Merci pour votre mail! Une très très bonne analyse. Je pense que vous devriez faire, tout le monde. Vous pourriez gagner une fortune!

MJ: Spot on!!!

Mr Maps: Weirdly calligraphy looks better in French as well!

Mr Chairman: Show, show, show!


BEAST said...

I recognise that writing woz you that wrote
'Beast smells of wee' on the Cafe C toilet wall wasn't it ???

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Beastie: Erm... it's a fair cop... but it took me ages with my italic spray can.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Mr Whirly: Seriously, what is going on with your writing?!!! I couldn't decipher any of it.
Personal shorthand.

Dave said...

No, really, you wouldn't want to see mine. It's quite disgusting. I'm ashamed of it.

Chairman Bill said...

Would do, if I had an italic nib and some oak galls. They've only just invented the wheel here in Old Sodbury.

Securoty word is thyxmufm. Isn't that a sexual offence?

Morton Shadow said...

"...lumps of left dairylea over cheese..."

It's it's subtle, Joycean, it's *bloody* *brilliant*

I think we've found the new Lucy Ellmann - which is a shame, because I haven't finished with the old one fact, now I think of it, you have very similar writing (to Lucy, that is...I have the letters to prove it if you don't believe it...from Lucy, obviously...not you....although...)

But seriously Scarlet, Scarlet, Scarlet, you really should post up some more writings from your notebooks. It's not just the wonderfully tactile sensation of scanning over the photos to read them, but the writing's really good in that unpolished and informal style...really. First rate.


wv fultsord: is that similar to the pork one?

Anonymous said...

Je cherche fortune tout au long du chemin et au clair, de la lune, le soir, Il n'y a pas foule au portillon !!

"Faire contre mauvaise fortune bon cœur "
Pour dire : Savoir se contenter de ce qu'on peut avoir, ne pas trop en vouloir.

Comment dit-on en Angleterre...?

To take up arms against a sea of sorrows ?
To make the best of a bad hand ?
To keep a stiff upper lip ?
To put a brave / good face on it ?

Je vais me contenter de votre gentillesse , une honorable compagnie ! :)

Leah said...

I am making this a goal for the summer (well, one of very many goals). At least to make a start. I am totally enamored of the talent.

I'm sorry that you were put out of business by digital crap. I would much prefer special and hand-lettered, wouldn't you?

eroswings said...

Wow! Such lovely writing samples! Your personal handwriting style is beautiful, the words written with thoughtfulness and care, very serene and flowing.

Your calligraphy is just amazing! Such beautiful art!

Liam said...

You could make money with that posh voice.

Anonymous said...

WHat tools do you use?

Clyde said...

Hmm, and four fingers if you concentrate----good girl---
Oh and I kept on clicking but it didn't get any bigger

Scarlet-Blue said...

Dave: Have you seen Mr Whirly's writing???

Mr Chairman: Have you tried dried chicken blood mixed with gum arabic?
WV is always offensive - he thinks he's being funny.

Crabbers: To make the best of it? Indeed! I have mailed you.
Afin de tirer le meilleur de lui? En effet! J'ai envoyé par la poste vous.

Leah: More practice than talent! You wait and see. I like handwriting, it's more personal - I hate sending Birthday cards via the internet [Moonpig] because it feels too businesslike because of the typed text used. I only do it if I've run out of time.

Mr Swings: Thank you! I think my natural handwriting is a little scruffy, but notebooks are places where that doesn't matter.

Liam: Sadly, it's so time consuming for me that I can only do it for love.

Mr Mags: I used to get my supplies from HERE. I use Willian Mitchell square cut nibs, and use a holder and nib, but I started with a fountain pen with italic nib as they are less fiddly.

Clyde: Keep trying - it'll keep you out of trouble!


Scarlet-Blue said...

More about Calligraphy
How it should be done!!

Dave said...

Oh, were we talking about handwriting? I misunderstood.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Somewhere in the study I have three boxes of assorted brass nibs, all made in Birmingham. I strongly suspect the aesthetic of the paraphernalia appealed to me more than the discipline of trying to make the same letter look the same twice running.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Dave: Tut.

Kev: Do you know what make they are, Kev?


Michelle said...

I get turned on by posh voices. It's the english major in me I think. Remind me to never call you after I have had a few! HA!

French Fancy said...

I'm the same - I've got my Hampstead vowels that my parents paid to have instilled and I've got my fishwife shriek that could shatter glass. It's just our shadow side (and voice box) coming out.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Michelle: Posh voices do have some sort of kinky mistique. It's the voice of authority thing. Best not to go there!

French Fancy: At my most relaxed I'm not even sure what I'm saying. I caught myself saying: bet'n I? I mean... I'd never dream of writing this phrase... I think it means: I better had. It's very difficult to shake off these regional phrases!


EmmaK said...

OMG I love your calligraphy. You are quite the dark horse aren't you? You were born in the wrong era you would have been great as a trappist monk with one of them tonsures working on a hand written bible for seventy years and subsisting on dry mouse turds.

OLEJACK said...

Hey don't knock yourself. A blue chip note book S.
I'm well into notebook art and here is one of mine . . .

Kevin Musgrove said...

I stand corrected: they're all Thomas Hope of Manchester. There's a nice-looking 40 nib I fancy having a try. Though not one to play with I think: two additional side vents, a millimetre-wide slit and a slight right-italic point suggest I'll need to take care not to puddle the ink.

Donn said...

I knew that you knew how to calig and I know that you know how beautiful it is BUT I have to tell you that it is a spectacular gift and very few people have the patience, penmanship, and perfectionism to create such beautiful ART from and with words.

Absolutely gorgeous :)

Gadjo Dilo said...


Scarlet-Blue said...

Emmak: I don't fancy the mouse turds! One way to lose weight I suppose.

Mr Ole: I have too many notebooks! And you are a proper artist... I'm just a tinker.
HERE is your link.

Kev: Blimey! Are they antique? Anyhow, the best way to start is to tape two pencils together - or buy an italic marker pen and a big pad of paper.
Dip pens can be frustrating for beginners... very messy.

Mr Coppens: Thank you! But I can also be an impatient ratbag. And I've broken a few nibs through being a ratbag!

Gadj: Thank you!


Kevin Musgrove said...

Not a beginner with the dip pen, just extremely out of practice, though I used them for line art rather than caligraphy.

Scarlet-Blue said...

Kev: What do you draw? I've always found line drawing really difficult. I really do make a mess.
I even started using gouache paint in my pens because I found it easier than ink.

Kevin Musgrove said...

I've put a couple on the Commonplaces blog. See what you think.

Mitzi said...

Makes me want to open a pen shop and call it "Herr Nibs" Your "shouty" is beautiful and the calligraphy is art. I'll show you my "growler" sometime you'd just blanche at the sight of it, imagine a spider dipped in ink...