Friday, 20 May 2011

Escape To The Country

Knotting-May-Back-Passage, to be found up-wind of Pratt's Bottom, is a tight knit prosperous community where the eccentricities of the rich and illustrious often go unreported to the wider world, or to the appropriate planning authorities. Indeed, this small rural hamlet has become something of a safe-haven for spendthrift entrepreneurs and reckless millionaires.
For example the activities of newcomer Richard Etherington-Wilson went largely unnoticed for such a length of time that he managed to block pave 17 acres of arable farmland before a concerned dog walker raised the alarm. Mr Etherington-Wilson, originally an Estate Agent/Mortgage Consultant/Property Developer/Pension Schemer/all-round banker had been drawn to the rural idyll after attaining a certificate of commendation in rustic handicrafts during a weekend workshop in Wales. Unfortunately, such was his enthusiasm for living the dream and dry stone walling, that before moving to Dumpling Dipsticks [a Gothic inspired neo-classical thatched Georgian villa] he failed to take his pathological fear of darkness into consideration. Mr Etherington-Wilson was arrested recently, but later baled, after he was found to be responsible for lighting up the skies with 3,000 energy saving light bulbs festooned across ancient woodland within his extensive gardens; his nocturnal illuminations had proved to be something of a hazard for pilots trying to land light aircraft at a nearby private airstrip.
Richard Etherington-Wilson was thought to have been in hiding since this latest incident, but speculation down at The Dog and Duck has been rife with the idea that the sat-nav system on his ride on mower malfunctioned; some local residents swear blind that they've seen him mowing his way through the Knotting-May butterfly sanctuary, some 5 miles in distance from his 25 acre landscaped gardens at Dumpling Dipsticks....



This is for you.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Blogging News

Before I was rudely interrupted by Blogger going into a tail-spin, I was writing this:

Just a very quick heads up; Rog over at Norfolk 'n Good is cycling 175 miles next week across the Pennines on "The Way of the Roses" and is seeking sponsorship in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action in memory of our much missed Blogger heroine Kaz. To donate, please go HERE

And, poor ol' Macy [not so ol'] has had a heart attack; she is recovering but gifts of grapes and cucumbers will be much appreciated.

I posted this on my emergency Wordpress blog the other day, but thought it was worth putting up here as well. I am feeling sore plummed after all the Wordpress faffing - though the upside of this is that my avatar now appears on all Wordpress blogs - not quite sure how I managed that... anyhow, I am still in the process of relieving Mr Beastie of his knickers... but lo', what is this... it looks like someone has been up his back passage before me....

Click to make big

Naughty Miss Roses has been there before me...

Right, I'm liking this tune so I'm going to listen to it...

Thursday, 5 May 2011

My Bird Bath

Been a bit of a busy week what with one thing or another [THE wedding and the shooting of Bin Laden] and I have been very neglectful of this blog... I still have no remarkable insights to post here... I have been doing a fair bit of calligraphy and I've also been taking my clothes off for MJ for her gorgeous gams competition...

I was aiming for this... [thank you MR XL for the pic...]

...but I sank...

Anyhow, I am now taking a blogging break. The next time I post here I will have these!!!!

Oh yes I will!!!

***mad witch pantomime cackle***